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The earlier in advance an order request is received, the more likely the bakery will be able to fulfill the order. Same Day or next day orders may not be available depending on items requested.

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Local Delivery available for orders $25.00+. Delivery fees may apply.
Shipping available for select items.

 Deposit or full payment is due at time of order.
Deposits & Online Orders are NOT refundable.

The bakery is open for walk-in customers.
Whether shopping in store or picking up an order, we kindly ask our customers to wear masks in our store.

Current Seasonal Menu

Our shop is fully stocked everyday with items from our current seasonal menu as well as a few specials. We are open for walk-in customers, but cannot allow anyone to eat inside.

Winter Seasonal Menu is available January 3 – February 28, 2022

Full Menu Items

Full Menu Items are available but may require longer lead times depending on the item requested. Accommodations can be made for several allergies, please inquire over the phone.

We are currently following our December Seasonal Menu through January 2, 2022.

Ordering Cupcakes?

If you are planning on ordering one or more cupcake flavors that are not on the current seasonal menu, you may have to order at minimum 6 cupcakes per flavor (or 12 per mini cupcake) depending on the flavor(s) selected.

We keep cupcakes and cakes refrigerated until pick-up to keep them fresh. They taste best at room temperature. Please give cupcakes and cakes time to come to room temperature before eating.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders may require longer lead times depending on the item requested. The earlier in advance we receive your order request, the more likely we will be able to fulfill your order. Requests usually must be made 10-14 days in advance for completely custom orders. Accommodations can be made for several allergies, please inquire over the phone.

View our Full Menu for all items and flavors.
View Photo Galleries for inspiration.

Super Bowl Order Menu

Order deadline is February 9, 2022. Select Super Bowl items will be available in store leading up to Super Bowl Sunday on February 13, 2022.

View Super Bowl Order Menu

Valentine's Order Menu

Order deadline is February 10, 2022. Select Valentine’s items will be available in store the week leading up to Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022.

View Valentine’s Day Order Menu

Mardi Gras Order Menu

Order deadline is February 28, 2022. Select Mardi Gras items will be available in store on Mardi Gras, March 1, 2022.

View Mardi Gras Order Menu

Winter Activity Kits

Winter Activity Kit Menu

This kit menu will be available January 3-February 28, 2022. Please note all activity and baking kits are available by pre-order only.

Sweet Occasions Workshops & Classes

Sign up for a workshop or class at Sweet Occasions. Go to the Upcoming Events page of our website for event and ticket information.

Lucky at Home

A few of our fan favorite products frozen and packaged with simple “how to” guide so you can enjoy your Lucy Cupcake favorites fresh from your oven!

Item and flavor availability varies.

Birthday Bundle

Includes dessert item, balloons, card, and tote.

Final Bundle price varies based on cake flavor, delivery location, etc. Can add-on other products to your bundle.


The listed pricing does NOT include shipping and handling fees
Please note that we do not use preservatives in our products and therefore can only ship certain items with select time frames.


Muffins $3.50
Assorted Seasonal Flavors

Scones $3.50
Assorted Seasonal Flavors

Fresh Baked Croissants
Chocolate $4.25
Assorted Seasonal Flavors $4.25
Plain $2.25,
Bacon Twists $5.00

Please call to inquire about current seasonal flavor options.

8x8 Pans

8×8 Crumb Cake
Plain $12.50
Blueberry $12.50
Cinnamon Swirl $12.50

8×8 Butter Cake
Plain $9.50


Assorted Dozen Cookie Box $9.00
Peanut Butter included unless specified. Let us know if you have specific flavor preferences!

Decorated Sugar Cookie 6 Pack $18.00
Assorted seasonal shapes/decor unless specified. Custom shapes/decor may increase price.

Assorted seasonal flavors unless specified. Macarons must be shipped via overnight shipping.

4 Pack: $12.00
6 Pack: $18.50
12 Pack: $30.00

Stuffed Cookies $5.00 Each
Edible cookie dough sandwiched between two cookies

Chocolate Chip
Nutter Butter

Cookie Cakes

Chocolate Chip
Small: $15.00
Medium: $25.00
Large: $40.00

Double Chocolate Chip
Small: $15.00
Medium: $25.00
Large: $40.00

Small: $15.00
Medium: $25.00
Large: $40.00

House Made Granola

Contains nuts.

1 lb Bag $7.95

2 lb Bag $14.98


Hewn Spirits Hand Sanitizer
Inquire for availability.

Lucky Cupcake Company Gift Cards
Please indicate dollar amount you would like the card for. 

Sweet Shopper Tote Bag $3.00
Reusable grocery bag with seasonal Lucky Cupcake design

Lucky Cupcake Clothing
Assorted styles of baby, kids, and adult items and designs. Please inquire for options.

Activity Kits

Basic Cookie Decorating Kit
Cookie Decorating for Four $20.00
Cookie Decorating for Eight $30.00
Cookie Decorating for Twelve $40.00
Includes: Two cookies per person, assortment of homemade royal icing in pipping bags, assorted sugars, and sixlets **Gluten Free version available as well.

NOTE: Select activity kits from our current seasonal Activity Kit Menu may also be shippable. If you are interested in having seasonal activity kits shipped, please contact the store for shippable options.



Car Bundle

Hand each car their very own party pack dessert bundle!

Pick and choose 4 party packs to have packaged in each car bag.

Cost of the Party Packs  Plus $2.50 Per Car Bag

** Add on a balloon per car bag
1 Latex Balloon $1.00
1 Mylar Balloon $3.00

Drive By Party Packs

Cake in a Bag
One slice of delicious cake decorated with rainbow sprinkles. $2.00 Per Slice

Choice of Flavors: Plain Jane, Devil Dog, Old Fashioned, Triple Play, Oreo, Funfetti

Drive By Cookies
Each bag contains multicolored car shaped cookies with “Happy Birthday” and 3 assorted cookies $5.00 Per Bag

Select Up to 3 Assorted Flavors:  Chocolate Chip, Sprinkle Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate

** Can adjust cookie inscription if needed

Drive By Cake Pop Packs
Handmade cake pops dipped in rainbow sprinkles.

2 Pop Pack: 1 vanilla, 1 chocolate pop $3.50 Per Pack

4 Pop Pack: 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate pops $7.00 Per Pack




The bakery is gifting sweet treats each week to different local frontline workers –hospitals, grocery stores, police officers, etc. Would you like to help us donate baked goods to our local frontline workers? Add a monetary contribution to our Bakery Gifts Fund. The more funds we have, the more sweet treats we will be able to deliver to local workers!Add a “Bakery Donation Gift” to your order form below. Please indicate the amount you would like to add to the fund.

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    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

    **Include category, flavor, etc if needed.

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